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CMDBET review

CMDBET review

CMD Bet is a Sportsbook that allows users to bet on live games and also has a casino option. There are very many options that come with a sportsbook which are all meant to give the gambler the opportunity to play and win, actually get their winnings, bet responsibly and on a well set out betting platform. If you need to know more about what CMD bet offers to their customers, then here is what you need to know.


·         You can bet on over 2000 live games being played worldwide.

·         You get different bet options and bet types

·         They have highly competitive odds

·         You can play casino games

·         You can be able to bet any time of the day and day of the year as set out by the rules and guidelines of the company.

·         You can bet on other worldwide events that could be happening.

·         They have easy to follow tutorials on how to place a bet for beginners.


·         There is no way to register directly on the website. You need to contact them first for the registration.

·         A compulsive gambler may not participate

·         No bet cancellation once it has been accepted

Key features

The company offers the participants with 24 hours customer service to ensure that they are highly satisfied about the services offered. Also the customers get the chance to get very highly competitive odds compared to other sportsbooks in the market. There is also the chance for the customers to place different kinds of bets and in different options. There are different kinds of bets and betting rules governing all the different sports and events available to bet on in the site.

Live casino

They have a live casino option that offers very many games. On the live casino one can be able to play the Baccarat, SIC Bo, roulette, BlackJack, 3 pictures, Superball, Super Fan Tan and so many more. There are also slot games available on the site for the slot game lovers. Mini casino games are also available on the site. This gives the site a wide variety for the members to participate in.


The website offers different platforms in which one can make deposits to their accounts. In case of winnings of bets, they are credited to the account of the user immediately and can be withdrawn directly to their debit cards if the bank allows or they can be made through wired transfers. The winnings have to accumulate to five tomes the initial deposit before a withdrawal can be made. Well this is really limiting considering that other sportsbooks can allow any withdrawals of the winnings of the user. The user is also responsible for any transaction fees that could be incurred during the process of placing a bet. This shouldn’t be the case because a gamble wants to be able to get the exact winnings that they get from the odds of the bet.

Responsible gambling – the company is licensed and registered with the relevant authorities. It therefore ensures that there is responsible gambling on its site by having people or legal age and ensuring that compulsive gamblers are not allowed to place bets. The company tracks the behavior of all the users and how they place their bets to determine how responsible they are.


All your personal information, details and transactions are highly secured by the system. You can place your bets with ease and at peace that your safety is not compromised.

Considering the legality of the company, the security and the different bet types offered, then you can be able to have a proper gambling experience with this website.

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