Friday, 26 May 2017

VR and Online Casino

VR and Online Casino

What would you think if we say you are going to walk around in virtual casinos, play all the casino games you wanted with just your hands, and live a true three-dimensional experience by the end of this year? Welcome to the future: VR, virtual reality glasses will turn this dream into reality in a very short time. VR headsets are not a new idea, they have been on the market for some time and are produced by the most important brands in the industry: FB Oculus Rift, Valve Stream VR, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. You can go out right now and buy one of these if you would like. These eyeglasses, produced to try out computer video games with high graphic details, are not only for PC games: you can create a cyber-reality, for example, a casino, and navigate around. As a matter of fact, this is possible even now. And from the common belief, you do not have to pay too much to get this done. How? A few find out jogging!

What is Virtual Casino?

Screens only give two-dimensional images, but on-screen reality eyeglasses allow you to have a "screen" and a three-dimensional image wherever you turn your head. Go through online casino reviews to understand that virtual internet casinos work such as this: an on line casino is modeled from damage in the cyber environment. As you walk and turn into our head, the image on the screen refreshes itself. But that's not all: you can play any game you want with just both hands. Online poker, roulette, slot machines, black jack, keno... You do not need to use a keyboard and a mouse button, the virtual reality picks up the movements you make and changes the display image accordingly. Everything happen in real-time.

Virtual internet casinos are not merely for entertainment: think about the gambling establishment really "recognizes" you when you log in and welcomes you with personal games and messages. If you're not alone, too: This kind of is a multi-player environment, and the other virtual representations of personnel you see on the screen are actually real people. You can speak with them freely, even check out a corner and sip a glass or two collectively. Suddenly, a special meaning appears in front of your view: you are invited to a high-roller poker game. You can walk to that desk literally, and start a game that will carry on until dawn.

What Do You have to Take up in a Virtual Friendly Casino?

The products we named above are quite expensive now. For example, to buy Oculus Rift, you have to pay about 600 dollars. This kind of is normal because these products are mostly designed to play computer video games with high graphics. Therefore, an on-screen casino environment is very simple compared to what they can do. Moreover, buying these eyeglasses is not enough: You need to use them with a powerful computer. The eyeglasses take a few of the control power they need from the PC. You desire a computer with at least 8 GB RAM, GTX 970 and an i-5 4590 processor to use them. As you can guess, practically another six hundred dollars are required to buy a computer with these specifications. The total cost is over 1.500 dollars.

Fortunately, there is a powerful solution to this problem: Gear VR. They will look the same as standard virtual reality eyeglasses. But they are brighter because they are only made of "screen". You put your mobile cellphone in the empty space on the front to use them. Remember we said above "they desire a computer to work. Very well, even if you are not aware, your mobile phones now contain extremely powerful hardware. They can certainly replace a basic personal pc. You can purchase an Equipment VR headset for only $100. Next, you can download the virtual friendly game or the online casino from the software store and install it on your mobile phone. With simply a $100 budget, you can start playing digital live casino games today. The graphic quality you get will not be the same naturally, but it will be more than enough for a live casino environment.

Digital Casino Games

This technology is still in development, so there are not many virtual game options at the moment. Yet, as we mentioned above, you will be able to find hundreds of games prior to the end of the year. The single virtual reality casino game you can play right now is the perfect classic poker. The game supports both high-tech VR glasses and Gear VR technology. It's an standard Oculus game, however, you are not able to pay with real money right now. Although, it is possible to try out with real people in timely and use voice communication. Casino VR Poker game is a technology demonstration and gives you an idea of what you will see in the closest future.

Virtual friendly technology will end up a part of our lives in less than 12 months. All of us cannot really know what the close to future will bring, but be certain that the very different and exciting experience is on the horizon for gamblers!

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